BIGBANG succeeded at their retaliation on the March 11 episode of SBS “Running Man.” BIGBANG beat the “Running Man” team at the end. A highlight of the episode was G-Dragon getting revenge against “Ha Ha.”

BIGBANG and the “Running Man” team went up against each other in a hide and seek game. Last week BIGBANG was on the defensive and their mission was to find tickets before they got caught.

BIGBANG lost, but during the round “Ha Ha” played around with G-Dragon. “Ha Ha” acted like G-Dragon wasn’t even there, and kept asking G-Dragon “Where is G-Dragon?”

G-Dragon was infuriated at having been played around with for that round. For the next round, when BIGBANG was on the offensive, he had his sights locked down on “Ha Ha.”

G-Dragon told the other BIGBANG members “If you catch ‘Ha Ha’ tell me first.” But during the round, G-Dragon found “Ha Ha” and played around with him saying “Where is Ha Ha hyung” and let him run away once. But, at the end “Ha Ha” was caught by Taeyang and G-Dragon had the glory of ripping off his name tag and ending the round.

Because BIGBANG and the “Running Man” team had a tie, the last round involved a 1:1 death match between Taeyang and Gary. Taeyang successfully tricked Gary and ripped off his name tag. BIGBANG won the entertaining episode of “Running Man.” 

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