G-Dragon‘s clothing brand, PEACEMINUSONE, recently released their collaboration with Nike where he put a twist on the classic Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.


Called the Air Force 1 Para Noise sneakers, they are available in three variations: white, red, and yellow. Only 100,000 white sneakers were made available to the general public, but they were sold out in only a few minutes.


Among them, G-Dragon’s autographed sneakers are being resold for upwards of $11,000.


The yellow logo, however, is the most rare as G-Dragon personally gave them away to his friends. Sandara Park herself has a customized version of these sneakers.


With the immense popularity of the sneakers and their high resale value, counterfeits have reportedly began showing up in the market.

A process for authenticating the sneakers is currently being discussed on Korean social media.