Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently took a quick photo with Baek Chung Gang, the winner of MBC’s survival reality show, “Star Audition.” This photo has been spreading around Korean online communities lately under the title, “Baek Chung Gang Meets with G-Dragon but He Can’t Imitate the Fashion Style.” 

In the photo, Baek Chung Gang is seen dressed in the same style as G-Dragon, sporting a white shirt and blue jeans. Baek Chung Gang also did a cover song of G-Dragon’s hit single, “Heartbreaker,” during MBC “Star Audition.” He mentioned several times that he is a huge Big Bang fan and used to listen to them a lot while growing up in China.

After seeing this photo, netizens have commented, ‘They finally met,” “Both look cute,” “Baek Chung Gang perfectly covered G-Dragon’s ‘Heartbreaker’ but he can’t follow his fashion styles,” and “Both are wearing jeans, but G-Dragon has better fashion sense.”

Baek Chung Gang, originally from Yanbian, China, won the MBC “Star Audition” in May, beating out thousands of contestants from around the world. As the top contestant, he won 100 million won in cash, 200 million won to support his album release in Korea, as well as a luxury sedan.

Since its first show in November, MBC “Star Audition” has garnered a lot of interest among viewers home and abroad for its unique mentoring format. Despite early concerns of being a mere copycat version of Mnet’s immensely popular singing reality show, “Superstar K,” MBC “Star Audition” has created its own niche and has become widely popular with the help of five mentors, Lee Eun Mi, Kim Yoon Ah, Kim Tae Won, Shin Seung Hun, and Bang Shi Hyuk, who are also some of Korea’s most respected musicians and producers. Even after the end of the show, “Star Audition” contestants, such as Shayne Orok, David Oh, and Kwon Ri Se, just to name a few, have become household names across the country,