For the “YG Family Special” of SBS “Strong Heart” broadcast on March 28, Big Bang’s G-Dragon’s talk battle title was “Fantastic Body.” We reported before that G-Dragon had said “When I See T.O.P’s Naked Body I think It Is Erotic.” Let’s find out more! 

G-Dragon said that the other members had revealed their bodies before, except for him and T.O.P. G-Dragon said, “I haven’t shown my abs because I don’t have any, and I am in various states of undress a lot. However T.O.P. has not shown his body a lot. He is very mysterious.”

Lee Seung Gi asked, “Even though you are members of the same group, he doesn’t take off his top?” G-Dragon answered, “Even when he changes his clothes he still has his own personal locker room.”

G-Dragon talked about an incident where T.O.P showed his body in Japan. They were in a hotel and the four Big Bang members swam every day when they were bored. They did not bring their own swimwear so they had to wear these tight speedos.

G-Dragon, “We were having fun as usual when one day we all stopped and stared. I thought it was a dream. T.O.P must have been bored because he usually does not show us his body but that day he appeared in speedos!” G-Dragon said that for some reason it was erotic when T.O.P was in speedos.

T.O.P laughed and said, “I was excited and went out to them and they all looked at me and said ‘Woah!’” G-Dragon added, “It was like we saw a female celebrity.”

2NE1’s CL added that she had seen T.O.P’s body before. While she was a trainee she opened up the door to the gym and T.O.P was changing his clothes. T.O.P said “Did you come?” CL added, “I think he was pulling down something.” (Probably talking about pulling down his pants)

G-Dragon also talked about how T.O.P keeps asking him to touch his body after he has worked out.