Big Bang’s G-Dragon went to visit Park Seung Il who is currently fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease with Sean of Jinusean.

Sean continued to support Park Seung Il after he read the book that Park Seung Il wrote, “Writing Hope With Eyes.” Also, Sean has been pursuing activities in order to help build a sanitarium for patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Sean wrote through his twitter on August 22nd, “G-Dragon became the present. G-Dragon went to Park Seung Il the day after Park Seung Il’s birthday. Park Seung Il told me that it was such a good gift, G-Dragon promised that next time he came, he would bring good gifts.”

Park Seung Il also wrote this on his internet café of G-Dragon’s arrival. Park Seung Il said that G-Dragon was different because he was not awkward and also held his hand, Park Seung Il stated that G-Dragon’s hands were very war, and also that one could tell he had a good heart because of the text-messages he received.

Park Seung Il revealed the text messages:

Park Seung Il “I hope that through you, the culture of giving out towards sanitariums will catch on.”

G-Dragon, “I agree. Including myself there are so many good people in the world and a lot don’t know how to help out, I will try to spread the word and find these individuals ^^, fighting!

G-Dragon also posed with Park Seung Il’s book and also promised to write his thoughts on the book on his own café. G-Dragon also promised that he would write a song for Park Seung Il and put his name as the writer.

Also in other news, for G-Dragon’s birthday fans had donated approximately $20,000 to the Seoul University’s Children’s Hospital and also donated approximately $50,000 of his own money in addition.