G-Dragon was recently voted as Korea’s number one idol.

Cable channel Y-STAR‘s “Curiosity” started a poll that asked 1,000 Seoul citizens “Who do you think is Korea’s number one idol?” Results showed that G-Dragon was picked due to his truly admirable talent in his part as Big Bang‘s leader, songwriter, producer, composer, and rapper.

Nichkhun placed right behind G-Dragon for his cuteness and being multilingual.

Other idols who were nominated were JYJ‘s Xiah Junsu for his vocal talent, Jay Park for his dance skills,
Big Bang‘s Top for his charisma, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon for his sensible humor, 2PM‘s Taecyeon for his muscular body, and finally Super Junior‘s Siwon for his attractive looks.

These results will be aired by Y-STAR’s “Curiosity” on September 1.