Big Bang’s G-Dragon confessed that he saw T.O.P’s body and felt that it was erotic. For the episode of SBS “Strong Heart” to broadcast on March 27, that is what G-Dragon said verbatim. G-Dragon said, “When I see T.O.P’s body I think it is erotic” to the shock of everyone on set.

G-Dragon continued, “Usually T.O.P is never naked. He even has his own dress room that is how much he does not expose himself. That is why whenever T.O.P does expose his body it surprises everyone. When we were at foreign countries, T.O.P’s naked body felt erotic even though we are both men.”

G-Dragon also gave a final punch by saying, “After T.O.P works out he asks me to touch his body. Not even our members that always work out like Taeyang or Daesung does that.”

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