BTOB’s Yook Sungjae will be featuring on the upcoming first solo album by hip-hop duo Geeks’ Louie!

On April 15, Louie started teasing fans about their exciting collaboration by posting their couple selfie on his Instagram, along with the caption, “The extremely handsome Yook made my title track perfect by featuring on it.”

In the friendly selfie, the smiling young artists give thumbs up to the camera while hanging out in the recording studio. Despite his hectic schedule, Yook Sungjae stopped by the studio to lend his voice for Louie’s title track, showing his impressive work ethic. All big fans of Geeks, the rest of the BTOB members are said to be envious of Yook Sungjae for being able to collaborate with Louie.

Meanwhile, Louie’s first full-length album featuring whopping 17 tracks is expected to drop on April 22. The album is entitled “Hwang Moon Seob” which is his real name.

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