Hey Soompiers! Here is a helpful tip that can come in handy when it comes to listening to K-POP music.

Some of you may have heard of genie K-POP, but to those who haven’t, let me briefly introduce how useful genie K-POP can be for you.


As you all might have guessed, genie K-POP is specialized in K-POP. Not only can you listen to your favorite K-POP songs, but you’ll also be able to enjoy various contents like music videos, still cuts, special photos, and many other graphical contents.

 And this might be the biggest catch. Some probably are tired, and maybe annoyed, by the standard 1 minute previews, but this app allows anyone to play the whole song of a selected track as a trial up to 3 times. Moreover, it also includes special photo shoots and music videos along with the song! Just type genie k-pop at google playstore to get your hands on a handy app.


This is the main page of genie K-POP. You can access to a number of menus like Chart, Star Focus, and Video.


Recently, genie K-POP was spiced up with some graphical changes. Such change is only the beginning of what we, the genie K-POP team, are planning on bringing to you K-POP lovers! genie K-POP has been delivering fresh and hot K-POP news and here are some of the artists who have already been covered: BoA, CNBlue, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Super Junior, ZE:A, 2AM, Big Bang, 2PM, Lee Hyori and more!


If you didn’t know, there’s also a website for genie K-POP and it has been revamped with the new logo too. Always check back as there will be more changes in store!

 Currently, Soompiers in 47 countries can download genie K-POP from google playstore! Check to see if it’s available in your region below! 


This article is sponsored by genie K-POP, the #1 music app for K-POP lovers.

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