2021 has only just started, but you won’t have to wait long for this year’s rookie K-Pop groups to start making their debut. Today, it was revealed that Shinsadong Tiger, the creator of EXID, will be debuting a new girl group next month. Here’s everything you need to know about TRI.BE and its members.

Shinsadong Tiger is known as one of the most famous music producers in South Korea.


Back in 2012, he created the well known hip-hop and R&B-inspired group, EXID. Rising to fame with their song “Up & Down”, EXID have since departed their label (Banana Culture), but haven’t officially disbanded.


He also produced some of the catchiest songs in K-Pop, including MOMOLAND‘s “BBoom BBoom”,

Cosmic Girls‘s “Secret”,

and HyunA‘s “Babe”.

Now, he’s getting ready to debut a new girl group this February 2021: TRI.BE. The name TRI.BE (pronounced “try-bee“) is a combination of “triangle” (a symbol of perfection) and “be”, combining to mean “perfect existence”.

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The seven-member group will be launched partnership with Universal Music, one of the largest music labels in the world, leading many to expect activities in the US as well as Korea.

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Want to start stanning the members before their debut next month? Here’s a quick bio on each of them.


23-year-old Songsun (birth name Kim Song Sun) is the eldest member of TRI.BE and part of the group’s vocal line.

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Before joining TRI.BE, Songsun was a member of Banana Culture‘s since-disbanded pre-debut girl group. Despite her young age, she’s already been a trainee for eight years (since she was 15 years old). Alongside singing and dancing, one of her artistic specialties is playing the piano.

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Songsun loves rice cakes, the color red, and using her phone before she sleeps. If she was an animal, she says she’d be a hamster.

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18-year-old Kelly (birth name Lin Wei Xi) is Taiwanese and one of the vocalists in TRI.BE.

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You may recognize Kelly from the Chinese survival show Youth with You 2, where she ranked 64th overall and was eliminated in episode 10. A true musical genius, she’s been playing the piano since she was 8 years old, and can also play the violin.

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Kelly describes herself as shy, and when she’s not busy, she likes to spend her day in bed. If she was an animal, she says she’d be a koala.



17-year-old Jinha (birth name Kim Jin Ha) is one of the dancers in TRI.BE.

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Jinha trained for around a year and a half, and it seems she spent her time before that working hard in school. Once, she ranked 3rd overall in her class. She also says she likes to stand out on camera.

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Jinha loves eating intestines, the color purple, and watching movies before bed. If she was an animal, she says she’d be a sloth.

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16-year-old Hyunbin (birth name Kim Hyun Bin) is one of the dancers in TRI.BE.

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Before joining TRI.BE, Hyunbin (like Songsun) was a member of Banana Culture‘s since-disbanded pre-debut girl group. Training for three years, Hyunbin was also an MC for MU:BEAT in June last year. Like Jinha, she did great in school, once receiving perfect 100% scores.

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Hyunbin loves tteokbokki, monochrome colors, and cooking. If she was an animal, she says she’d be a cat or an arctic fox.

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15-year-old Jia (birth name Guo Jia Jia) is Chinese and is one of the vocalist’s in TRI.BE.

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It seems TRI.BE is full of brainiacs, as Jia is yet another member who ranked 1st in her class at school. Jia trained for around a year and a half, and she likes to play the piano. Before becoming an idol, she was also a model.

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Jia loves hotpot, the color pink, and spicy food. If she was an animal, she says she’d be a parrot.

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15-year-old Soeun (birth name Bang So Eun) is one of the vocalists in TRI.BE.

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Alongside Hyunbin, Soeun was an MC for MU:BEAT in June 2020. She also trained for around a year and a half.

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Soeun loves gaming (especially PUBG). The color purple, and tteokbokki. Her favorite karaoke song is “Will Be Fine” by Park Bo Ram.

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14-year-old Mire (birth name Sumire) is Japanese, the maknae of TRI.BE, and part of the group’s dance line.

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Mire has only trained for 6 months, moving to Korea as a teen because of her love for K-Pop. Despite her short training period, she was the first TRI.BE member revealed to the public. Alongside performing, Mire is also creative when it comes to drawing.

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Mire loves writing in her diary, focusing on self-management, and eating macarons. She’s a big fan of TWICE and says the song “More & More” keeps her motivated.

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For a taste of the members’ skills, check out their Christmas carol medley:

And their cover of TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me”.