With “Inkigayo” on May 20, GFRIEND has concluded three weeks of promotions for their newest title track “Time for the Moon Night.”

Beginning with “The Show” on May 9, the girl group took home a total of 10 music show wins during the promotion period. The song also rose on charts throughout the weeks to eventually top almost all real-time music charts.

Regarding the success of their comeback, GFRIEND commented, “As our break [before this comeback] was longer compared to previous comebacks, we were really nervous and worked really hard on preparing, so we are thankful and happy for all the love.”

“Time for the Moon Night” is GFRIEND’s first title track that wasn’t written by producer duo Iggy Yongbae. When the members were asked what they think is the reason for the song’s popularity, they responded, “‘Time for the Moon Night’ seems to be a song with something that touches your heart when you listen to it. Everyone probably feels different emotions, but we think that the many people who like ‘Time for the Moon Night’ are those who have felt something while listening to the song.” They wittily added, “If there are people who haven’t felt anything yet, we hope you will listen to it one more time.”

The members also shared, “Through these promotions, we wanted to widen the music and performance spectrums of GFRIEND. We think that has become reality at least a bit, so it is meaningful. We have also gained strength to take on our future challenges with more courage.”

GFRIEND added, “We are of course very thankful for the love given to the song ‘Time for the Moon Night,’ but we were also glad that lots of interest was shown for our performances. More than anything, we are proud as we were told by many that they are anticipating what GFRIEND will bring in the future.”

Having concluded their promotions for “Time for the Moon Night,” GFRIEND is now preparing for their official debut in Japan on May 23.

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