The members of GFRIEND truthfully talked about their ideal types during a recent broadcast of the radio show “Ji Sang Ryul‘s Bravo, Bravo.”

Member Eunha revealed that she preferred a man who’s a bit cute with a great voice. When Ji Sang Ryul asked her if she liked someone like actor Yoo Ah In, she shyly admitted that she did.

Yuju then discussed her own ideal type, confessing that she preferred someone like Ji Sang Ryul, who gives off a good impression and has a prominent T-zone.

Next up was leader Sowon, who revealed that she liked a family-oriented man who loves kids.

Umji then explained that she has to be able to communicate well with her significant other, and Yerin described her ideal type as someone who’s foolishly nice.

Do you agree that these are all good qualities in a man?

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