Girl group GFRIEND has been the center of attention ever since the video of their performance on a slippery stage went viral on YouTube.

Thankfully, an affiliate of GFRIEND stated on September 9, “The members that fell were thankfully not hurt. They completed their schedule without a problem afterwards. The leader Sowon was worried for the members that fell but they were okay. There were some moths that fell onto the stage because of the rain, and the members talked more about the moth after they left the stage.”

The affiliate continued, “Thank you for worrying about their well-being. They just tried their best to finish the performance to thank the fans that came despite the rain.”

Meanwhile, this falling incident even led GFRIEND’s song “Me Gustas Tu” to climb up the music charts and enter the top 10, to which GFRIEND’s side responded, “We didn’t know [this event] will become such a hot topic. We feel flustered, but thank you so much.”

Thank goodness that they are okay!

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