At the 2020 KBS Song Festival (2020 KBS Gayo Daechukje), GFRIEND‘s SinB and ITZY‘s Ryujin were part of the “BOSS” cover group 2B2U, along with OH MY GIRL‘s YooA and IZ*ONE‘s Eunbi.

Ryujin and SinB have become close since then, surprising fans with photos of their recent outing together.

2b2u 2020 kbs song festival sinb eunbi ryujin yooa KBS WORLD TV yt
SinB, Eunbi, Ryujin, and YooA. | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube

Through GFRIEND’s Weverse, SinB posted photos of herself with gorgeous art as her backdrop.

gfriend sinb weverse 1
| GFRIEND/Weverse

Fans noticed it wasn’t just any art. It was the same exhibit that Red Velvet‘s Seulgi and IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon also visited on their date last month.

gfriend sinb weverse 2
| GFRIEND/Weverse

SinB wasn’t alone in the artsy photos that showed how much she was enjoying her free time.

gfriend sinb weverse 3
| GFRIEND/Weverse

In the last photo of the set, SinB posed with a friend that turned out to be none other than Ryujin.

gfriend sinb weverse 4
| GFRIEND/Weverse

Since the distance of the photo and blonde hair wasn’t enough to signal that it was Ryujin, one fan asked who it was.

SinB referenced their KBS Song Festival stage to let everyone know how close the two have become:

It’s not 2B2U. It’s 1B1U.

— SinB

gfriend sin b weverse
| GFRIEND/Weverse

Because Ryujin has danced to many of GFRIEND’s songs for fun, MIDZYs pointed out that Ryujin has become a successful fangirl. That’s making both fandoms love their friendship even more. Fans are definitely looking forward to seeing more of 1B1U.