The first member for “Secret Weapon, Her” [working title] was revealed to be GFRIEND‘s Yerin!

On June 5, “Secret Weapon, Her” revealed the teaser video clip for GFRIEND’s Yerin. Starting with her, they will reveal the video of each of the 10 members.

“Secret Weapon, Her” will feature 10 girl group members who have a ton of charm, but haven’t yet been discovered. They will engage in different missions and they will be ranked.

yerin 1

GFRIEND’s Yerin has been receiving attention to be the up and coming dark horse of variety since her debut just five months ago. She is known for her crazy dance for SBS‘s “Running Man,” and she was also cast in MBC Every1’s web drama.

It was relayed that Yerin will be one of the youngest in “Secret Weapon, Her” and showed off a down-to-earth charm where she laughs off even the missions.

Meanwhile, “Secret Weapon, Her” will air on MBC Every1 on June 19 at 6:00 p.m. KST.

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