Seohyun, from Girls’ Generation, is caught holding hands with DBSK’s Changmin and Yunho.

As the representatives of K-Pop, Seohyun and DBSK will be featured in Ceci’s November edition. They will be included in a 26 page spread proving just how great their influence is in Hallyu.

The concept of the magazine is “Timeless Eternity” and the motive for their particular photoshoot is based on the movie “Interview with the Vampire.” Changmin and Yunho transforms into vampires with cold and fatal charms while Seohyun channels Claudia, the pure, young girl within the film. They were able to successfully portray the different roles, giving the impression that one is looking at a scene from the movie.

The labelmates were able to show off their teamwork throughout the photoshoot and the staff praised them for their hard work.

The magazine will be available from November 15 in Korea and China. It’s been revealed that the magazine will also become available in Thailand.