Despite their rookie status, (G)I-DLE is already rising on music charts with the love of their fans.

It’s been two weeks since their debut, and Jeon Soyeon said, “I’m having more fun promoting than I thought I would. All of us were very nervous at first and we had a hard time locating the camera, but now that it’s been two weeks, we became more comfortable than the beginning.” Concerning their increasing popularity, she said, “I had no idea we would receive so much interest. I’m still dazed, and it doesn’t feel real yet. I’m just really happy and joyful.”

Minnie shared, “I didn’t have big expectations, but since so many people like us, I want to work harder and show better sides of me.”

Their debut song “LATATA” was co-composed by Jeon Soyeon who stated, “I was a bit nervous since we used my song as the debut song. I was worried that if people didn’t like it, my members could be hurt. Fortunately, many people liked it, and I’m so relieved and grateful. It’s the first time I received praise for my song, so I’m very happy nowadays.”

Concerning their competition with labelmate PENTAGON on music charts, Jeon Soyeon said, “We really respect PENTAGON. I was greatly influenced by them to compose my own songs, so I think that it’s an honor that we’re on the charts with them.”

Chinese member Yuqi showed her gratefulness to their fans, saying, “I was so shocked and amazed when the fans called our group name during our first performance. I really can’t express that happiness into words. I was so happy, and I was grateful to our fans. Because of their encouragement, I wanted to dance more powerfully, and I was able to perform while smiling widely.”

When asked about their resolution, Jung Soyeon shared, “It’s been two weeks since we debuted, but all the members trained together for several years. We didn’t show many things yet, so we will show them to you slowly and do our best to work hard.” Miyeon added, “We received more attention and love than we thought we would. We will meet your expectations, so please show us a lot of interest and love!”

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