(G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon is the group’s fierce leader who dominates with her rap skills, and since she also writes all of the group’s title tracks, she truly embodies the vibe of each comeback incredibly well!

soyeon 3

Here is Soyeon’s hair color evolution from her solo debut in 2017 with “Jelly”, and subsequent re-debut with (G)I-DLE in 2018, to their current comeback with “HWAA”!

1. “Jelly”

For her solo debut with “Jelly”, Soyeon kept her hair long, and also went blonde!

soyeon era 3

soyeon era 2

soyeon era 1

2. “Latata”

For her re-debut as the leader of (G)I-DLE, Soyeon kept her long blonde locks as the group debuted with a bang!

soyeon era 6

soyeon era 5

soyeon era 4

3. “HANN”

The group’s first comeback was with “HANN”, and Soyeon dyed her hair jet black to suit the mood of the song!

soyeon era 8

soyeon era 7

soyeon era 9


4. “Senorita”

She kept the long, black hair for “Senorita” as well!

soyeon era 12
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soyeon era 10

soyeon era 11

5. “Uh-Oh”

For their next comeback with “Uh-Oh”, Soyeon chopped off her previously long hair, and sported a short, stylish bob!

soyeon era 15

soyeon era 14

soyeon era 13

6. “Lion”

For their iconic hit song from their appearance on Queendom, Soyeon retained her short blonde hairstyle for “Lion” as well!

soyeon era 18

soyeon era 17

soyeon era 16

7. “Oh My God”

For “Oh My God”, Soyeon retained her shorter haircut, but dyed it back to black!

soyeon era 21

soyeon era 20

soyeon era 19

8. Dumdi Dumdi”

(G)I-DLE’s first summer comeback with “Dumdi Dumdi” gave us a blonde Soyeon, sporting longer extensions!

soyeon blonde 1
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soyeon blonde 3

soyeon blonde 2

9. “HWAA”

For “HWAA”, Soyeon’s visuals are top-tier as she flaunts gorgeous, silver-purple hair!

soyeon era 24

soyeon era 23

soyeon era 22

(G)I-DLE made their comeback with the album I Burn, and title track “HWAA”.

Watch the MV for it here!