Giant Pink and comedian Lee Yong Jin will be meeting on “Comedy Big League” after her public confession of her feelings for him.

On September 28, according to a report from OSEN, Giant Pink made a surprise appearance on tvN’s “Comedy Big League” special “Burning Tour – Crime and Punishment.”

“Burning Tour” is a skit variety program where the “Comedy Big League” characters come to life in the real world. Parodying the film “Along with the Gods 2” as their second episode of “Burning Tour,” the characters immediately died after setting off on their adventure. After their demise, Park Na Rae appeared in front of them as their grim reaper messenger, sent to guide them through the trials in the underworld. Giant Pink then made an appearance, and Lee Yong Jin was unable to hide his surprise.

Previously, Giant Pink picked Lee Yong Jin as her ideal type on SBS’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” personally and publicly sharing her feelings. At the time, she commented, “I love you. I was your fan ever since I was young. I saw you working hard on ‘Comedy Big League.’ You have a fan that really loves you. I don’t know if you’d like a woman like me, but if you want to meet, please contact me.”

Afterwards, Lee Yong Jin conveyed his thanks to the rapper for sharing her feelings. It was also revealed that he had a girlfriend that he had been dating for a long time. A source from his agency stated, “When he meets Giant Pink from now on, he will happily greet her.”

The outcome of Giant Pink’s appearance on “Comedy Big League” will air on September 30 at 7:40 p.m. KST.

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