On the same day three of her fellow members joined Instagram with their own personal accounts, Shuhua has become the fourth (G)I-DLE star in the group to take over the platform!

Shuhua took to the private messaging system on fan-artist communication app UNIVERSE to ask Neverlands for their opinions on her Instagram username. Her suggestions were @yeh.shaa, @y_shy6, @shaa_yeh, and @haww_ss. Eventually, she settled on @yeh.shaa_: a shortened version of her full name, Yeh Shuhua.

| @G_I_DLE/Twitter

Shuhua set her Instagram profile photo to a picture of her two poodles, Haku and Mata. Unlike the other members, who added purple hearts to their Instagram bios to represent Neverland, Shuhua added a cute wolf emoji to her display name—her representative animal among fans.

| @yeh.shaa_/Instagram

Since Shuhua teased her Instagram username on UNIVERSE ahead of time, she was able to rack up over 50,000 follows without a single post. Within a few hours, she finally revealed her first upload: a series of behind-the-scenes videos captioned in English, Korean, and her native language, Mandarin.

Shuhua is now the fourth (G)I-DLE member to have her own Instagram account, though all four launched their accounts on the same day. The first to create a personal Instagram post was Minnie.

Minutes later, Yuqi joined her.

And, shortly before Shuhua made her account, Miyeon joined the platform too.

Next up: Soyeon and Soojin, fans hope!