Following (G)I-DLE Soojin‘s denial of the bullying allegations made towards her on Instagram, she has also denied and explained the issues regarding Seo Shin Ae. Through a lengthy post on U-CUBE, Soojin expressed her heartfelt apology for having caused many to be concerned. She has also requested for Seo Shin Ae to release an official statement regarding the issue.

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From points 7 to the end, I will be expressing my point of view towards each individual accusatory post by other people (unrelated to B and B’s unnie.)

7. The friend who danced with me during graduation

  • I remember that I got along closely with that friend from the third year of high school onwards, but we did not contact each other after graduation. She was not someone I went around with during school but I remember hanging out with her after school. I thought we were close as I knew about the ongoings of her family.
  • There’s no incident where I called her over to my house on the excuse of eating a meal so that I could make her memorize choreography two days before the graduation ceremony. She practiced with me for a month and a half at my place and my dad knows who that friend is, as well as how the house below contacted us regarding the noise between floors.
  • We sent the music files over a few months through emails and there’s proof in our mail boxes regarding this as well.

8. Regarding the Instagram posts from Seo Shin Ae

  • Just as the original statement mentioned, I have never conversed with Seo Shin Ae during my school days. Before this incident, I didn’t even know which class she was in.
  • The things about putting cigarettes in her desk or stealing her letters, it is all not done by me.
  • I heard about them for the first time during this incident. That is how much I didn’t know anything regarding my school mate, Seo Shin Ae. I have never bullied or cursed her out.
  • As every time I release a statement, Seo Shin Ae’s posts are timed just so, many have misunderstood that I have bullied her.
  • Our company has contacted hers but there has been no response.
  • As I have behaved honorably, I am requesting strongly, for her to make a statement on this clearly.

9. Regarding the padded jacket incident

  • I don’t know how to clarify this as it did not happen. However, I can explain that the issue as uploaded by the accuser is difficult to believe.
  • She mentioned that during the time of the alleged bullying, a friend stepped up to help and comfort her. After I checked with that friend, that friend did not remember this issue too.
  • As people requested for her to prove that the padding was scribbled on, she mentioned she already sold it. She sold it not back then but recently. So, a padding from 10 years ago was sold. She said she asked the buyer to send a photo over but looking at the chat logs between the buyer and seller, it was claimed the scribbles weren’t erasable. However, the buyer replied that the scribbles washed off during laundry. It is hard to believe that the scribbles then were left over the years from the time that I allegedly scribbled on it.
  • In the sales listing, it did not state anywhere that the product was a damaged one. It is basic to state if the item is damaged and originally, if you want to sell a damaged item, you would upload pictures of where it was damaged. However, those did not exist. It is also hard to understand why they would contact the buyer again.
  • The product in the sales listing is not an item that came out when I was a middle schooler. Regarding this, the accuser clarified that they thought that this was the same item from back then. After a request was made for them to check about the item, letting them know how to check the make and year, they have not since made any more posts about this.
  • The first time the padded jacket issue came up, the accuser was in class 2, year 3. They mentioned I was in class 1 and claimed class 1 contained all the problematic kids led by the disclipline master. However, I was in class 2 and the teacher was an English teacher. Anyway, class 1 was not a class of problematic kids and the accuser wasn’t even sure which class they themselves were in, going back and forth between class 2 and 5.
  • They mentioned I had friends in their class so I went over often but my closest friends during year 3 were in my class so I don’t remember having gone to other classes to hang out.
  • Class 1 and 2 were in the same floor and the other classes were a floor above. The accuser stated that I often went upstairs to visit, which cannot be true. Hence, it is all false.

10. Any other accusations that I slapped people or made them outcasts are false.

  • I think that I am unable to explain in detail, things that are false to begin with. I have never done such things during my school days.

I have tried to speak objectively without being emotional and tried to not distort the truth. The reason why my statement is late, is not because I am dishonorable. Rather, I think that in my position, my words will have a huge effect on others, so I have tried to be careful as necessity dictates. I know that every single word requires responsibility and that it can cause huge impact.

At the time my first statement was uploaded, I was branded as a perpetrator due to a particular actresses’ post. As I had to hurry and release a statement, it was one without twice thinking and that actually caused more misunderstanding. Hence, I thought that my next statement needs to be more thought out. However, I have not lied in my first statement.

I knew that admitting to have smoked in my school days, would be a huge blow as a female idol. However, in order to be honest to everyone, I put everything on the line to admit that. I have smoked a few times out of curiosity, in my school days, and I know how much of a mistake that is. I will accept all reprimands towards this. I am really sorry.

Following, we have proceeded with lawsuits regarding the created rumors and lies with evidence against them and they will be dealt with according to judgements made by the law. If there is any part by which I have done wrong, I will of course, withdraw from the team and receive punishment. That is a given. But, I hope that the truth will come to light regarding the things I did not do. Once again, I deeply apologize for having caused a ruckus and regarding this issue I will be honest to the end.

Thank you.

— Soojin

As such has concluded Soojin’s lengthy statement uploaded March 20, 2021. The first part whereby she denied the Instagram accusations can be read here. CUBE Entertainment has since stated that they will be proceeding with lawsuits against the fabrications.