On CUBE Entertainment‘s fansite application U CUBE, (G)I-DLE‘s Soojin uploaded a personal message — denying all school bullying allegations made against her as of February 22, 2021 KST.

(G)I-DLE’s Soojin

Soojin first admitted to having smoked “a couple of times” in the past, but clarified that she has since completely quit.


[SOOJIN] Hello, this is Soojin. I gave it a lot of thought before writing this message. Back when I used to be a student, I was always the center of attention. So it is true I had all kinds of negative rumors following me around. Yes, I sometimes wore outfits that may have been inappropriate for my age and I also did smoke a couple of times. But I was young and lost at the time. Since then, I have quit and never smoked again. I tried to become a better person, but I know that some of my past actions have caused problems. And I know I’m the one to blame for what is happening to me right now.

But there are some things that are honestly not true. I usually let the malicious rumors blow over. But I know that this has caused my fans to worry tremendously. So I would like to address everything.

— Soojin

Regarding the bullying accusation by her classmate’s older sister, Soojin claimed that she “considered [the classmate] a friend at the time” and that they drifted apart when the said “argument over the phone” happened.

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I don’t know if you guys will be able to believe this, but I’m going to tell you what happened as I remember. I’ve always considered myself a friend to the girl who accused me of bullying. I remember having been invited to her house and sharing a meal with her family. I also remember having gone to the movies with her and her older sister. In fact, the older sister once helped me when another sunbae from school was sending me threat messages and giving me a hard time. I’ve always been grateful for her and remembered her as a good person.

Anyway, after reading the post, I finally realized why the friendship kind of fell apart. From what I remember, I had a fight with the girl because she wasn’t good at keeping promises. So I got mad at her for it. Maybe that was her way of trying to keep her distance with me. But at the time, I didn’t know. I know it sounds horrible, but I also remember cursing at her over the phone. The older sister heard me and she scolded me about it. I apologized and hung up. Since then, the girl and I really drifted apart and never really made up.

— Soojin

As she wrapped up the statement, Soojin emphasized that she never got violent with the classmate. She disputed all the allegations made against her in the exposé in a numbered list — including the specific accusations that she forced the classmate pay the ₩3,500 KRW ($3 USD) for a cup of juice that she ordered and that she bullied actress Seo Shin Ae.


I really want to make this clear though, about the allegation made against me.

First, I have never gotten physically violent with the girl.
Second, I have never ridden a motorcycle in my life.
Third, I have never sent a group text message, trying to get other classmates to bully the girl with me.
Fourth, I have never tried to take school uniforms by force or steal other students’ belongings.
Last, I have never spoken to actress Seo Shin Ae when we went to school together. I’m sorry if she felt offended by what happened though.

And I’m sorry. I really don’t remember what happened at the juice shop, although I would like to believe that I didn’t do such a thing.

— Soojin

Regardless, Soojin apologized for having caused a controversy.

I’m sorry for having caused this controversy involving my personal life. And I apologize to everyone whom I may have hurt with my thoughtless actions in the past.

— Soojin