(G)I-DLE‘s Soojin was recently swept up in bullying allegations. She was accused first and foremost by a former classmate’s older sister via Instagram. Later on, other accusers stepped up.

Soojin took to U-CUBE to address the entire issue in a long post. Regarding the Instagram accusations, Soojin spoke from her point of view on the matter.

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Her statement up to the points regarding the  Instagram accuser can be read below.

Hello. This is Soojin. Firstly, I’d like to convey my apologies to everyone that I have concerned due to this issue. I am going to try to speak from my point of view about the rumors and exposés surrounding me.

Points 1 to 6 contain my point of view towards the first ever accuser (the Instagram accuser who calls herself the victim’s unnie. The alleged victim will henceforth be called ‘B’).

1. The reason I could know who wrote the post

  • Some time before the exposé was uploaded, some of my schoolmates received requests of my photographs from B.
  • As we were close for a short time during my school days, I still remember the name of B’s unnie, so when I first saw the accusatory comment that went up on Wikitree containing my the initials, I could guess who it was from the Instagram username.
  • I wish to make it known clearly that it was not because I bullied B that I knew their identities.

2. The repetition of claims about thrombocytopenia (TCP)

  • Ever since the first accusatory post, they have be repeating the claim that due to stress caused by me, B had TCP. They have been claiming this as if it’s confirmed.
  • But at the meeting of B’s unnie and my company’s representative, the period of time that they claimed this disease rose up, was around my last year of high school. This was quite some time after the period of that school violence allegedly took place. So we told them that this was unlikely to have been caused by school violence.
  • After the meeting, in the post they uploaded, they repeated the unconfirmed information that although school violence was not the reason, there should have been some influence.
  • Due to opinions that they should not be talking about the TCP issue as if it was confirmed, they have deleted all mentions of it ultimately.

3. The argument over the phone

  • Firstly, during the meet up with B, I apologized multiple times, sincerely, for having cursed her out over the phone. But I could not acknowledge any part of the juice incident. When I was crafting my first statement, I remembered the telephone incident as true but I did not remember the juice incident as they have detailed. Hence I used the expression that I did not remember the issue. Looking back, the statement could have caused confusion through my diction and hence I will accept all reprimands about it.
  • This is the situation as I remember from then. I had made a promise to hang out with B and I reached the location first to wait for B. B did not come even after some time had passed. When I contacted her, she suddenly said she could not come. It is not the first time that B has done something like that. As I was young, I could not hold it in and I cursed her out over the phone. The call was only between me and B and there was no other friend present in the call. It is plainly my fault that I could not express my words nicely but it was not the case where I got mad to bully B. The moment I cursed, B’s unnie took the phone. B was an adult then and she scolded me, a middle schooler, for cursing and I said sorry. The call ended. During the call, B’s unnie did not mention the juice incident at all and I was unable to explain why I argued with B. Although B got money from her unnie and gave it to me, I did not accept any money at all at that point in time. After the call, me and B drifted.
  • I have not ever bullied or led violence or took possessions from B. Apart from the situation above, I have never bullied anyone.
  • During the meeting with B, word came up that B’s unnie also cursed me and B at first stated that her sister was beside her but did not curse. However, in the latter half of the meeting, she did speak as if she was acknowledging that the unnie did curse at me. That night, through an Instagram live, B’s unnie said she remembers everything about the call and acknowledged that she did not merely reprimand me in the call.

4. Regarding P.E lessons

  • According to the unnie, during the PE lesson, it was true that B laughed when student Oh called student Kim as student Nam instead. Student Oh then told me this and B claimed that I scolded her in front of lots of people in the corridor near the toilets.
  • I was merely in the same school year as student Oh and it is false that she told me the above incident. After confirming with Oh, there was only one PE teacher in school at that point of time and as first years, there’s no chance that Oh and Kim would have been taking classes together as they aren’t from the same class. I don’t understand how the name issues could have arose,
  • As it was claimed that the issue happened in front of many people, I tried to confirm it. There was no schoolmate I contacted that could verify the issue.
  • I wish to say that this entire thing did not happen.

5. Regarding the DMs they cited as proof and about other bullying allegations

  • There was an incident where my mother was called to the school due to a school violence committee opening. However, it was an incident where I was called up despite not being related to the matter. I remember how my mother came out of the meeting room crying. My mother has never acted complacently. Afterwards, the teachers talked to the students privately and through that it was revealed I was not at fault.
  • You said I acknowledged bullying? Like how I have said above, it was revealed that I was made the scapegoat and my mother was called to the school for it. Can this still be seen as me acknowledging that the committee was opened due to me?
  • During the meeting with B, I talked about this with B as well. As it was a private committee, I asked for her to explain the situation to which she was unable to reply. Afterwards, she said she did not know much about my other. I feel that she uploaded the post without knowing about the matter clearly and even dragged my family in.
  • During the meeting, I clearly expressed that I was not relevant to the committee issue. She cut out the entire thing and only mentioned in her posts that I acknowledged the fact that the school violence committee was opened.
  • There has to be a recording but in the interview with a reporter she only mentioned that I did not acknowledge anything during the meeting and only said that I acknowledged the committee issue afterwards.

6. The reason I used a representative instead of personally meeting for the first meetup

  • After the accusatory post went up, my company requested a meeting with me and B through DMs. However, the unnie said that B was uncomfortable and rejected meeting personally. So the company chose to be considerate of B and suggested that they meet up with a representative instead. I wanted to speak with B personally but as we received the DM that B was uncomfortable, we continued on with letting the representative meet instead. I was not trying to avoid meeting her personally.
  • During the meeting I had with B, B acknowleged that I requested to meet up with her first as well.

— Soojin

The rest of the post detailed the allegations regarding actress Seo Shin Ae and other accusations.