Gil and Jung Il Woo’s “same shirt, different feel” has been receiving a lot of attention.

On August 29, one netizen saw a re-broadcast of MBC sitcom “High Kick” and pointed out the fact that Gil and Jung Il Woo wore the same thing, and uploaded a hilarious picture to go with it.

In the picture, Gil is wearing the same shirt as Jung Il Woo.  This particular teddy bear t-shirt has been receiving a lot of attention. He made a lot of people laugh with his shiny shaved head, and the tight shirt that revealed his “more to love” belly. Also, he has a mysterious white moustache to go along with this questionable outfit. On the other hand, Jung Il Woo looks a bit more serious even though he’s also in the comical outfit. 

Netizens are commenting with, “I wonder where I can get that T-shirt”, and “Haha! Gil is so funny!”

Who do you think looks better in that shirt?