Wonder Girls’ leader Sunye recently announced that she is to marry her boyfriend next year. The surprising news shocked fans, and made an impact on her fellow female idols. The once young girls are not just “young” anymore!

The issue has surfaced as both fans and entertainment agencies started to face the reality. Especially, the girls from Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, and KARA are specifically being talked about. The average age of the three girl groups is 22.2 years old. Because there are so many rookie younger girl idols emerging, the older girl groups are starting to lose their positions.

Currently, each member is trying to start on a new career such as actress, producer, and so on. The analysis on the three groups told that the groups have three options: separation, individual career, or member change. The first generation girl groups such as Fink K.L. and Baby V.O.X. followed individual career paths or group separation.

However, the analysts saw little potential in the groups’ separation. On the other hand, the most ideal option is to start pursuing a solo career. Instead of seeing this issue problematic, it may be an opportunity for a new start for older girl idols.

What do you think? How long do you think most girl groups last on average?