Recently, a hot topic online was how many people think LOONA has the most visuals members in the K-Pop industry.


After seeing the following gifs of 6 members, netizens couldn’t help but agree with the sentiment!


In no particular order, here are the 6 LOONA members who were singled out for their out of this world visuals.

1. Heejin

Heejin is the visual of the group.

2. Hyunjin

Hyunjin is in charge of dancing and singing.

3. JinSoul

JinSoul is a rapper and vocalist.

4. Yves

Yves is LOONA’s leader during dance practices.

5. Olivia Hye

Olivia Hye is a rapper and dancer.

6. Go Won

Last but not the least, Go Won is the group’s rapper and dancer.

After viewing these gifs, it’s easy to see why LOONA is a visual group!

| Blockberry Creative