To celebrate the 100th episode for DoReMi Market, Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri held an interview to reflect on the best parts of her days with the show so far. And she chose her favorite guest as BLACKPINK‘s Rosé!

hyeri rose friends 3

Rosé had previously revealed how they became close when Hyeri first approached her. They went out to eat and became fast friends!

hyeri rose friends 5

It was Hyeri’s turn to reveal the story. She explained that they solidified their friendship when Rosé came on the show a second time. She was so thankful to Rosé who took the time out of her hectic schedules.

hyeri rose friends 1

After she appeared on DoReMi Market, we became very close. We’ve become inseparable best friends.

She appeared on my YouTube channel and even came out on DoReMi Market a second time. I’m very thankful.

— Hyeri

Now, Hyeri and Rosé are inseparable best friends as they frequently go out to eat, call each other multiple times a week, and support each other for all of their new activities!

hyeri rose friends 2

When asked who Hyeri would like to see guest on the show next, she named AKMU! Perhaps it’s because Rosé and AKMU are under the same agency, but Hyeri is excited to meet AKMU in person!

hyeri rose friends 6

AKMU! I know that they write their own lyrics, and they always write refreshing lyrics that I never could have imagined.

I want to meet them in person at least once, and I’m excited to see them try to solve the problems with their intelligence!

— Hyeri