Girl’s Day member Minah‘s older sister, Linah, is now a new member of girl group Wanna.B.

On April 7, their agency Zenith Media Contents stated that member Seo Yoon has left the group and the group will have seven members from now on with new members Loeun and Linah. Loeun is the third one from the right, and Linah is the third one from the left.

Affiliates revealed, “After promotions for the group’s second single album, ‘Hands Up,’ ended, Seo Yoon started having pelvic and lower back pain. After a long talk with her family, we decided to respect Seo Yoon and her family’s decision and agreed to her leaving the group.”

Now Loeun and Linah have joined to fill Seo Yoon’s spot. Affiliates continued, “Loeun has very good vocals while Linah is multi-talented member, being Girl’s Day member Minah’s older sister.”

Meanwhile, Wanna.B is preparing for a comeback at the end of June as a seven-member group.

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