Girl’s Day will be making their comeback next week with their new song “Oh! My God” and have released a teaser on YouTube today.

Their second mini album “Everyday 2” will be released next week on April 18 and will be their first comeback in eight months. Just last week, members Minah and Hyeri had announced the group’s imminent comeback through personal Youtube videos.

The title track “Oh! My God” was composed by Kang Ji Won & Kim Ki Bum, who had previously composed Secret‘s hit song “Starlight Moonlight.” Another song on their mini album, “Telepathy,” was composed by Girl’s Day member Sojin.

Last year they promoted the songs “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Hug Me Once.” They also went on to release a single and music video for “Don’t Let You Eyes Wander,” but didn’t have live promotions for it. 

Album Cover + Track list

01. Two of Us
02. Oh! My God
03. Don’t flirt
04. Telepathy
05. Oh! My God (Inst.)

Here are the close up shots of the members from the teaser.