Girl’s Day will be releasing a new song in Korea before heading to Japan for their Japanese debut. Dream Tea Entertainment, Girl’s Day’s agency, stated that “Girl’s Day will be debuting in Japan next month. They will release a digital single in Korea on September 2nd.” However, they will not be promoting the song on music shows because they will be focusing on working on preparations for their Japanese debut.

The single titled, “You, Don’t Give A Glance,” was composed by Nam Gisung, the composer of their earlier hit “Twinkle, Twinkle.”

The song is about a boyfriend seeing another woman and the group is singing about warning the boyfriend. It is also said that the track will showcase the pleasant voices of the members and an exceptional rap by Jihae.

Representatives from Dream Tea Entertainment, have been moving back and forth between Japan and Korea to prepare for the group’s Japanese debut. There is no official date for their Japanese debut and schedules for activities have not yet been set as well.

Girl’s Day recently released a song titled “Honey, Honey” for the drama “The Women of Our Home” last August 11th