Girl’s Day has returned with a sexy concept and they are showing their confidence in the competition against the other girl groups. Their rivals are 4minute and SISTAR, who made a comeback ahead of them.

Girl’s Day released their second mini album, “Everyday 2,” on April 18. On this day, they were at a CGV in Seoul to have their showcase, where they had their first stage performance. Afterwards, they talked about how ready they are and what they have planned for future activities.

These days, bands like Busker Busker, Nell, and CNBlue, are ruling the music market. There is much anticipation that Girl’s Day, along with 4minute and SISTAR, will help revive the power of girl groups. At the moment, 4minute, with “Volume Up,” and SISTAR, with “Alone,” have already started to bring the popularity of girl groups back. Unintentionally however, the three girl groups all are competing with a sexy concept.

Girl’s Day said, “Our style and concept is different from 4minute’s and SISTAR’s. We are still cute as usual and we have everything besides that too. We will work hard not to lose to the sunbaes (people who have more experience).”

They went on by emphasizing, “4minute and SISTAR are ‘intense, powerful and sexy’ while we are just now realizing what sexy is. We are going to show a more ‘idol-like’ charm with a mix between innocence and sexiness.”

Of course, this will be a well-meant competition. Girl’s Day said, “We often listen to 4minute and SISTAR sunbaes’ songs. We are confident that once people see us on stage, they will, without a doubt, fall for our different charm. Please look forward to us.”

Girl’s Day, who is believed to become a top girl group soon, performed their main stage for the title song “Oh! My God” from their new mini album. Before, they were known for their lively, cute charm. However, through this new song, they revealed a more mature, feminine look.

Girl’s Day said, “Our comeback is a little late because we waited for good songs while we did our individual things. As much as we are late, we put a lot of thought into our outfits, songs, and performances. We want to show you our cuteness while being sexy and cool.”

Recently, on April 17, Girl’s Day’s title song, “Oh! My God,” was leaked before the release date. Even with that situation, on this day, they were ranked high on the music charts.

Girl’s Day made a promise. If they win number one on one of the music programs, they will dance without shoes on their encore stage.

They also made people more anticipated by mentioning that they will have a total of three performances in Japan. On May 2 and May 3, they will perform in Tokyo and Osaka.

Do you think Girl’s Day can beat 4minute and SISTAR?