Girl’s Day Yura got a shorter haircut in order for the concept of their new mini album! On April 10 Yura wrote on her twitter, “Yura has cut off her hair for the upcoming Girl’s Day album!!!! I cut if off! Does it look good?” Then Yura posted two pictures of her with the short cut.

In one picture she is wearing cute dress and jean jacket on top. In the other pictures she is making a cute pose while wearing blue pants and a sleeveless top.

 A representative of Girl’s Day’s agency stated, “Yura has cut her hair in order to change her image into cute and sexy for the upcoming album. In the past after going to an event, people thought that a Girl’s Day member was swapped out. It was actually just Yura who had lost nearly 4kg and also had a new haircut.”

Girl’s Day will release their second mini album “Everyday2” on April 18.