Girl’s Day’s Hyeri is set to appear on tvN’s “Life Bar” to talk about her love life.

The episode that will air on April 13 will feature guest appearances by Girl’s Day’s Sojin, Yura, Minah, and Hyeri. They are set to get everyone excited as they talk about everything from their past relationships to their drinking habits.

Hyeri was especially open about her relationships as she said, “I once met a boyfriend who was so obsessed with me that he kept checking my mobile phone. But if it’s a guy I really like, I’ll voluntarily give him my phone. When I fall in love, I’m the type that goes all in.” Minah is also said to have revealed that she was asked out by a celebrity, and all the members had everyone on set on the edge of their seats with their honesty.

Girl’s Day is set to bring the laughs as they discuss their drinking habits. They’ll be talking about everything from how Sojin went from someone who couldn’t drink at all to someone who cures a hangover with more alcohol, Hyeri’s drinking habits that shocked the other members, and why Yura did her best to sneak out of their dorm without being caught by their night manager.

The staff of “Life Bar” said, “Girl’s Day’s episode will be our last before we come back in May with a new expansion. We’ll be back with a brand new ‘Life Bar,’ so please keep your eye out for us.”

“Life Bar” is a talk show that is placed in a comfortable setting that has been receiving love from viewers for inviting stars to come and honestly open up about their lives.

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