Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri recently surprised fans with a selca of herself taking a break from studying on her bed.

On December 27, she tweeted, “I heard selcas taken on beds are supposed to be taken with a bare face? It’s ten minutes ’til my bedtime. Sweet dreams, my loves.” The tweet was accompanied with the  following picture. 

In the photo, Hyeri looks adorable sprawled on her bed in comfy clothes as she studies. The paper next to her has green highlighter marking over words, probably for a song she is getting ready to sing.

Netizens were especially drawn to Hyeri’s beautiful face without make-up. Netizens who saw the selca commented, “You’re pretty even without make-up!”,”Your skin looks flawless,” “Even if you took candid photos, you still look cute!” “I’m starting to like Girl’s Day more and more these days,” and “Please take more selcas of yourself on your bed!”