Some of today’s hottest K-Pop stars may soon be heading to New Zealand for a K-Pop festival, which will be held to celebrate the Korea-New Zealand Year of Friendship. According to “The New Zealand Herald,” the Korean Society of New Zealand is trying to recruit top idol groups like Girls’ Generation, 2PM, and KARA to perform at its music festival this summer.  

K-Pop is no longer limited to fans in Asia or North America, and the recent concerts in Europe, South America, and Australia prove that the hallyu movement has truly become an international phenomenon. In fact, New Zealand will also be hosting its first national K-Pop competition, sponsored by the South Korean Embassy, later this year.

The article also mentions, “Its [K-Pop] popularity is growing in New Zealand, and in a very short time, the number of K-Pop fans here has grown into the thousands, and there are many fan groups here.”

So if you live in New Zealand or Australia, be ready to meet your favorite K-Pop stars in the flesh!  Plus, check out the New Zealand K-Pop Facebook fanpage here

Special thanks to Maree, Lina & Fine for the tip!