Girls’ Generation during their true “girl years” is pretty fascinating to reminisce.

Recently, an online community board released a video about Girls’ Generation practicing for their debut song, “Into the New World.”

It is amazing that the Girls have earned international recognition in just six years in the industry. However, their success seems well-earned through countless hours of training before debut. In the video, we get a glimpse of the effort put forth when they had been quite young.

The Girls simply fill the video with their youthful aura. They are mostly clad in mini-skirts or short shorts, matched with white sneakers. Like any other trainee in the K-pop industry, they are intensely rehearsing the moves for their upcoming debut. Their adolescent faces are especially eye-catching, as avid fans recognize the gradual transformation the Girls will be going through with each release of a new album. What we know them as now, mature and sexy, seems to contrast with their debut years filled with youth and unreserved energy.

Netizens reacted: “Ah~ they’re so fresh,” “It was a difficult routine. Seems hard,” “Real Girls~ Generation years,” “Unexpectedly adorable.”