Photos of Girls’ Generation’s doodles have made their way to several online communities, humoring netizens. Titled “Girls’ Generation’s Fierce Battle of the Doodles,” the photos were taken at a fan signing event. According to netizens, the girls fooled around by drawing on each other’s posters after the event. The battle of the doodles started after Jessica wrote “Babo (stupid)” next to Seohyun’s face. Seohyun retaliated by drawing an arrow directing the word to Jessica. 

Netizens came to the conclusion that Seohyun was the greatest victim of the harmless doodle battle. Despite the markings, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica looked adorable with their whiskers and ears. However, not only did Seohyun have the word “babo” next to her, she also had a huge mole-like dot in between her eyebrows.  

Those who’ve seen the photos commented, “Seohyun doesn’t look too bad with the dot LOL,” “Girls Generation is too cute!” “They’re so funny,” and more.