Girls’ Generation has provided fans with a more boyish concept on their stage costumes for “The Boys.” With their participation in the Korean International Style Show (KISS) in Tokyo, Japan earlier in the year, their figures onstage wearing these costumes have recently attracted attention.

Japanese TV station Fuji NEXT TV has just aired KISS, in which Girls’ Generation appeared for two nights of the three-night event. On the first night, Girls’ Generation’s stage costumes for their live performance of “Hoot” and “The Boys” were fitted suits, showing off “boyish charms.” Local media priased Girls’ Generation for showcasing sexiness without even exposing skin.

Girls’ Generation is one of the frontrunner K-Pop groups that are active in Japan. Their first full-length Japanese was released in mid-2011 to rousing success, and followed it up with their single “Mr. Taxi.”

KISS, presented in late January also drew crowds from the appearances of other K-Pop groups, CN Blue, BEAST, Sistar, RaNia, T-ara, FT Island, 4Minute, Nine Muses, After School, Secret, Rainbow, Infinite and Kara.

Girls’ Generation on KISS (first night)

Girls’ Generation on KISS (second night)


Video credit: sleepsica, lorumaruru2743 @YT