The members of Girls’ Generation were chosen as PR representatives for the Kangnam district of Seoul. On March 7, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Jessica, and Seohyun attended the appointment ceremony held at the Kangdam District Office.

The girls stated, “As the PR representatives of the Kangnam district, we will do our best to execute our duties.” Afterwards, the four girls went to different places such as the Incheon Airport and various subway stations that have a lot of foreigner traffic to publicize the Kangnam district.

A source from the Kangnam district said, “We are planning to have Super Junior as our PR representatives as well. We are planning to include the stars’ headquarters as part of a tourist course. We are even planning to make a “Hallyu Star Road” to help contribute to Hallyu.”

The Kangnam district had previously appointed Jang Nara and Rain as its PR representatives last year.