Who is the shortest member and who is the tallest in Girls’ Generation?

In order from the shortest member here are their heights in cm (Unconfirmed by Agency): Sunny is 158, Taeyeon is 159, Hyoyeon is 160, Jessica is 163, Tiffany is 162, Yuri is 167, YoonA is 168, Seohyun is 169, and Sooyoung is 170.

Also, the average height of the members was reported to be 163.5 cm.

Two pictures were released on an online community board with the title “Girls’ Generation Height Ranking.” The pictures show the Girls’ Generation members lined up with some of the members on top of boxes to match their height. The picture was taken for an advertisement. It seems like the ranking of the height is correct except for YoonA.

Netizens that have come across the pictures stated, “The secret behind commercial photoshoots is neat,” “I think the person that took this picture is probably feeling sorry,” and “Sunny’s box brings tears to my eyes.”