With the continued spread of COVID-19, stars have also been at home to physically distance themselves from others.


And Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon‘s no different, but a TikTok of how she’s been handling her time at home is proving to be all too relatable.


To put it simply, Hyoyeon is bored, which is confirmed in the title of her Instagram post, “Bored in the house.”


And her video conveys just how bored she is in the most hilarious way possible.


Hyoyeon is spending her time playing actual tug with her dog…

Strutting for her dog…


“Peeing” on her dog’s pee pad…

And even playing hide and seek.

It appears that Hyoyeon is doing just about anything to keep herself entertained…

And most people can probably relate in a time when most of us are in self-isolation in efforts to flatten the curve of COVID-19.


Stay safe and entertained, everyone.