For the first episode of MBC’s “Dancing with the Stars Season 2” that will broadcast on April 27, Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon will be a part of the show! A representative of MBC stated, “After confirming the decision to appear on the show, Hyoyeon has been practicing hard. You will be able to see a new side to Hyoyeon.”

Hyoyeon is considered one of the best dancers on the Girls’ Generation. That is why the production team of “Dancing with the Stars Season 2” is highly anticipating her dancing. A representative of Hyoyeon stated, “People around her are anticipating her appearance on the show. That is why she is practicing hard. This will be an opportunity for Hyoyeon to show her freer dancing that will be different from her choreographed dancing with the Girls’ Generation.”

Tony An from the legendary group H.O.T will also make an appearance on the show.