Photos of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) from the Japanese Arena Tour’s pamphlets have been floating around various internet communities, and they’ve grabbed the netizens’ attentions for the strikingly mature stills of the nine “girls.” The cute, lovely, and innocent girls were replaced with sexy, charismatic, and powerful women.  

In the photos, all the members wore heavy makeup, bold hairstyles, and accented jewelry to up their femininity. Additionally, their facial expressions and poses no longer displayed their youthful charms.

SNSD’s new look received mixed responses from fans. Some believed SNSD’s transformation into sexy idols was too early and unnecessary, especially when all other girl groups were going after the “sexy concept.” Others praised them for their adaptability to change into any image.  

What do you think? Should they have stuck with the images of young girls a bit longer? Or was this mature transformation necessary to fulfill their “great ambition to take over the music world in the whole Asia, including Korea,” the reason behind SNSD’s name.