Girls’ Generation member Jessica appears in a pictorial exuding a mature womanly charm.

Though she has recently been busy going back and forth between South Korea and Japan for girl group Girls’ Generation’s promotional activities, Jessica posed for a pictorial featuring French brand Cartier in fashion magazine “W Korea.”  The pictorial portrays Jessica as an elegant woman having thrown off her cute and girlish image for a beautiful and adult one.

One photograph shows Jessica with her hair in naturally flowing waves, wearing a dress setting off her perfect figure, and with a white jacket draped over her shoulders.  Jessica’s deep smoky makeup enhanced her intense gaze and her air of haughty elegance.

In another photograph, Jessica gazes riventingly off into the distance, wearing a black lace dress, and holding a red clutch.

During the shoot, staff members were impressed by Jessica’s ability to work hard at the shoot without regard to her busy schedule, and that despite her appearance of coldness, in reality, Jessica is a girl who brightly laughs a lot.

Jessica’s pictorial will be featured in the September issue of “W Korea.”