Girls’ Generation’s Jessica gets swept up in plastic surgery rumors…again.

Earlier today, photos of Jessica from her concert in Malaysia last week were uploaded to several online communities, sparking another debate between netizens who claimed that Jessica’s face was swollen as the aftereffects following a recent procedure to those who stated that the star simply gained weight.  

The original uploader of the photos wrote, “She used tot look so ill with sullen eyes and slim cheeks, but it looks like she gained some weight during her break.” Since Girls’ Generation’s successful comeback with “The Boys” late last year, Jessica – as well as other Girls’ Generation members – had to complete killer schedules with promotions for the new album and filming for KBSThe Wild Romance.” Naturally, the schedule took a toll on the singer-actress, and she appeared very frail and tired during her appearance in “Wild Romance.” However, the fuller face has once again sparked plastic surgery rumors. 

Netizens commented, “I think she had work done. The puffiness just hasn’t gone away yet,” “Botox or plastic surgery, one of the two,” “Parts of her face look awkward,” “Maybe she gained weight,” “It’s nice seeing her look healthy,” “She’s still pretty in my eyes. Hwaiting unnie,”and more.