On March 28, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica updated fans with her latest photos on the group’s official website and Facebook page. The photos sparked more attention as they were released shortly after she was involved in yet another plastic surgery allegation.

In the first picture that was shared on Girls’ Generation’s official website, Jessica left a message that read, “Reporting my existence. Just saying I’m alive. Kekeke. From San Francisco.” In the picture, Jessica looks to have gained some weight, making fans wonder if it’s indeed the aftereffects of a recent plastic surgery.

On the same day, three more photos of Jessica were posted on the Girls’ Generation’s Facebook page. Wearing an ivory sweater and skinny jeans, Jessica is seen standing in the middle of San Francisco’s Union Square. In these set of photos, she looks rather slim and fit, confusing the fans that have previously pointed at her changed body shape.

Netizens commented, “You must be having fun,” “Plastic surgery or not, we still love you,” and “I’m heading over to Union Sq. now!”