Girls’ Generation has recently captivated Japan with their dazzling beauty and dancing.

Girls’ Generation appeared on Nippon TV’s “Music Lovers” on October 7 and performed their fifth Japanese single, “Oh” as well as their hit track “Taxi” and their new ballad, “All My Love Is For You” on a live stage.

Famous Japanese comedian Koji Imada, who is known to be a die-hard Girls’ Generation fan, was also present for this broadcast. While Girls’ Generation was performing, the camera flashed back to him watching their performance, placing his hand on his heart and pretending to faint. Koji Imada’s tie to Girls’ Generation goes back to the girls’ first official Japanese album where he appeared in their “Time Machine” music video.

After the performance was over, Koji Imada went to talk to the girls and said, “I must have left my 27 years of show business experience back at home,” meaning that he was greeting the girls as a fan and not a colleague. The girls’ responded with, “We were able to perform with more strength because of you, Mr. Imada.”

Later on, when the girls were showing off their individual charm, Koji Imada pretended to faint again when Sunny showed off her “aegyo” (cute) charms, filling the whole studio with laughter.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation is planning to release their sixth Japanese single, “Flower Power” on November 14.