Girls’ Generation member YoonA has gone blonde for the first time.

In a photo that was posted to an SNS account on June 6, the idol can be seen sporting her new golden hair alongside fellow Girls’ Generation members Sooyoung, Yuri, and Seohyun at a wedding ceremony. While the others look more-or-less the same as usual, YoonA stands out with her bright golden hair. Revealing a blonde hairstyle for the first time since her debut with Girl’s Generation in 2007, YoonA completes her refined look with the new cut.

The switch raises questions about the concept for the group’s comeback album. Fellow member Taeyeon also recently revealed her new blonde hair via her Instagram page, and the pair’s new looks could hint at the group’s new look for their next album.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Generation is thought to be putting the finishing touches on their next comeback album. While nothing has been officially decided, the release date for the album is likely to be sometime in July.

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