The members of Girls’ Generation reminded the public why they’re so loved by fans and have a huge following- they are pretty down to earth.

On July 5, Taeyeon uploaded a picture on her Instagram along with the caption, in slang, “To the stairs- so hot.”

Inside the picture, all the girls are posing their own way on the stairway while in the midst of eating from bento boxes. Tiffany cutely poses with her chopsticks in her mouth while Taeyeon looks over her shoulder and gives the camera a slightly lost stare. Sunny puckers her lips and poses with a victory sign while Yuri is unaware (or is she?) and continues to eat.

Netizens who saw the picture posted various comments including “Nation’s girl group. Is it okay to be so easy going like this? Hahaha,” “So cute to see them sitting and eating like that,” “Taeyeon’s skin is really flawless,” “Girls’ Generation even makes eating on a staircase into a magazine ad.”

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