Yuri of Girls’ Generation gave a big “Thank you” shout-out to her girl group members in her posts on Instagram.

On July 4, Yuri posted some selca pictures of her with her group members during a shooting of “Noblesse.” She followed the pictures with the captions, “Thanks for coming, friends! Girls’ Generation is strong, we’re the best!” and “Thanks for being here for me. You’re so pretty even without makeup, Yoong [Yoona]. In the middle of shooting ‘Noblesse.’ Yoong decorated this picture.”

In one picture, Yuri poses with Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun with adorable V signs and smiles. In the others, Yuri took selcas with Yoona, showing off their flawless complexions and pretty faces despite not having makeup on.

Netizens responded positively to the pictures: some remarked, “Girls’ Generation is gorgeous even without makeup,” and “It’s really great to see them getting along so well,” and others said, “I love seeing them cheer for each other.” It seemed that the sentiment “Girls’ Generation is the best!” wrapped up Netizens’ positive reactions for the girl group pics.

Yuri plays “Jeong Eun” in the movie “Noblesse,” alongside fellow actors Seo In Guk and Lee Jong Suk.

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